Quartermater Corner

The following information is provided from the Post Quartermaster.  This can be of particular interest to new members.  quartermaster@vfw9182.org

Legacy Membership
If you are a Life member and contemplating the purchase of Legacy Life Membership, Bronze, Silver, or Gold please contact the Post Quartermaster and he will be more than happy to explain the pros and cons to you.

VFW Store
The VFW Store http://vfwstore.org is where you can purchase all official VFW merchandise.  You may also obtain a catalog by calling their order center at 1-800-821-2606.

Name Tags
New members are reminded of the post rule that specifies that once a new member attends three consecutive meetings, the post will reimburse them for their first name tag (up to $10).

VFW Covers
The post will reimburse a new Comrade, for the cost of the hat, after attending 3 consecutive meetings. Provide the receipt to the Post Quartermaster after the 3rd consecutive meeting. The Quartermaster will verify attendance and provide reimbursement.
The VFW green, shade 51, overseas cap, with Gold piping is the standard/basic cover for all members and the only authorized cover that is to be worn by members at official VFW functions. 

There are 2 types of cap weight that may be purchased (Regular or Light).  When you consider the heat in the Houston area, it is recommended that you order the lightweight version.

If you are unsure of your correct hat size you may want to try a few member hats to help determine your correct size.

VFW baseball caps are not authorized at official VFW functions. 

Honor Guard caps are only to be worn when engaged in official Honor Guard functions per the Post Commander.

There are color variations of the piping on these caps as well as various colors of the covers themselves, which signify different ranks and honors as a person moves up in levels within the VFW. 

Gold – Post Level
Green – District Level Office Holder
Red – State Level Office Holder
Silver – National Level Office Holder