Katy Veteran's Memorial Museum

Monday Through Friday From 10 – 2 & 1st Saturday of the Month 9 – 2  With the exception of holidays 
Days & Times are subject change.  Calling prior to visit is suggested.
Reservations Must Be Made, On Line, For Group or Private Tours

Our post is extremely proud to have its own museum. First opened in 1996, and was dedicated by former President George H. W. Bush. It temporarily closed in 2010 for renovations, and reopened in 2011 with twice the amount of space. 

 In one year, the museum recorded over 1000 visitors; with visitors coming from 22 of the 50 states, and from 8 countries. When asked how they heard about the museum, it was by word of mouth from friends and family. A couple of the most interesting responses were “What-a-burger” and “James Coney Island”, two of our local fast food restaurants. 

Tax Day Flood - April 2016

In 2016 we were flooded by the Tax Day Flood and 1 week before we were to reopen we were flooded again by Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.  The city of Katy, who owns the building, totally rebuilt the inside and we reopened on May 17, 2018.  Many items were lost, damaged or destroyed but we have made a strong comeback.

 It has grown to include memorabilia from World War I, up to including our current conflict in the Middle East.  We also have a large selection of books and videos in our library.  They are available to check out and an excellent resource for local students to gather information for papers and reports.

 We are currently videotaping interviews with veterans.  It is an excellent way to preserve our history and help families always know what their veteran(s) did to help preserve our freedom.  It is extremely important for future generations.  Veterans, please consider letting us record your experiences or at least be sure to pass them on to your family.

So if you are in the neighborhood stop by for a visit.

Medal of Honor

Current Photos of Museum